State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

The Rehabilitation Act authorizes vocational rehabilitation services which are supported byState Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies. These agencies have been created to assist individuals with disabilities with employment and other vocational rehabilitation programs and training. VR agencies and their Federal partners connect employers with qualified job candidates with disabilities. VR agencies are experts in job placement services and networking with employers. Each state has its own state employment specialist who is responsible for building and maintaining these employer relationships. If you are looking to access these services, visit the VR web site here to access a state-by-state listing of contacts and resources.

Most State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies offer services in the following areas:

Education And Training Services:

State VR agencies provide awareness and understanding that help create a positive work environment for all employees, especially individuals with disabilities. An increased understanding of today's diverse workplace is promoted by conducting educational seminars and small group presentations. Trainings provided may include:

  • Disability awareness and sensitivity training
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) training

Staffing Services:

State VR agencies help businesses and organizations with accessing a pool of reliable and largely untapped labor force. They provided services like pre-screening qualified job application, training job seekers so that candidates have skills that match job position requirements.

Application Forms, Accessibility, Accommodation, and Options:

State VR agencies help businesses and organizations develop progressive and proactive approaches to accessibility and accommodation issues. Employers can create new policies and procedures that would help to retain employees who may have become disabled, or to hire new employees. Some agencies offer the following services:

  • Job analysis and job restructuring advice
  • Site evaluations and options for reasonable accommodations
  • ADA consultations and referrals
  • Resources and referrals on assistive technology and services