Building your brand

Branding is important for anyone looking to advance their career or seeking a job. And how you want to be perceived by the outside world is one of the core elements of building your brand. Everything from what you wear, how you present yourself, to your knowledge and your network will define you as a brand; leaving you complete control of your brand image. Here are some strategies you will want to help with brand building.

Personal branding begins with defining your brand.
How do you want others to perceive you? Start with how you present yourself. First impressions count and they are usually made by what you wear. Just like packaging may subconsciously lead you to like one brand over the other, how you dress says a lot about you as a brand. It’s always important to maintain your own style, but you should also dress appropriately for an interview or your workplace. And if you want career advancement or are seeking a specific job, dress for that role.

Translate your personal brand to your resume, and other online profiles.
From Facebook to LinkedIn – all the way through to the resumes you post via online job boards - always keep your brand in mind. You will want to keep the information consistent throughout all networks and always up to date. As a general rule, continually look at these materials and asses how they are being presented. While everyone expects people to share personal information about themselves on social networks, it’s always wise to remember that nothing you say on social media platforms should be considered private. So be mindful of what you say, the pictures you post and your general presentation. These can all work to improve your brand perception, or completely diminish it.

Build your network.
The old adage, "it’s not what you know but who you know," goes a long way in personal branding. If you are interested in advancing your career, or looking to pursue a job in a new field, connect with influencers in your industry. Attend events and get to know people. If you have an area of expertise, establish yourself as an expert by offering up your insights on blogs, online posts, or if pertinent to your job, articles and published reports. The same holds true for job seekers. Network with prospective employers and people without you community to promote your brand.