Applying for the right jobs

One of the most important aspects of the job search is to match your qualifications and experience to the job profile. This will not only help improve the chances that your resume will be selected when recruiters are vetting candidates for positions, but also that you are applying for the right jobs.

While you do not want to embellish qualifications to match each job opening, there are some tried and true techniques to ensure that you are selecting jobs that are best suited to your skills and experience.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Review the job description. Take the time to look at the qualifications, including desired skills and experience the company is seeking. List out these qualifications for future reference.
  • On a separate piece of paper, outline your qualifications. Be as detailed as possible, even if you think a particular task is not relevant. This information should include everything from how many people you’ve managed, software or technologies you are proficient with, to areas of expertise, as well as completed courses or workshops. Even one-day workshops should be included. Do not leave any information out or discount anything.
  • Now match the job ad with your skills and circle those that match the experience in the job description. Here you can begin to map out your skills more closely with the job, improving your ability to select the right jobs as well as your chances that your resume will be selected.
  • Now take your resume and be sure that the matching experience is included – if it is not, you will need to augment your resume accordingly. In fact the best rule of thumb is to tailor each resume to each job. This will improve your chances immensely that yours will be selected by recruiters.